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Cocoontoys.com is fully owned by Cocoon eco toys trading company .Cocoon Toys is an organic wooden toy supplier in the United Arab Emirates specialized in selling wooden eco-friendly toys to homes, kindergartens, playing areas, etc. Our company is dedicated to bringing safe-to-use toys to every child in the nation.

Inspired with a cocoon, a symbol of the inception of something as unique and beautiful as a butterfly, we make sure that our toys uphold the highest standard of quality. We also believe in thinking green, so we only use eco-friendly materials. This simple service to the environment is a means to sustainability, a gift we like to offer to future children.

While preparing for the life ahead of them, we’d like to give every child the chance to enjoy their present so that they can have no regrets. Our toys are designed to encourage thinking, action, and fun. Each detail in each toy has a purpose.

Materials used in our toys are carefully chosen as we put a priority on safety. Mainly using wood also means that they are durable and could be kept in storage for a long time.

Our timeless eco-friendly toys are set to bring joy and fun wherever they are used and whoever holds them.


 Core An environment designed according to the viewpoint of a child can fully feed their imagination and even encourage their love for thinking. With this in mind, Cocoon Toys sets to select the best toys in the market. We are driven by the passion to give nothing but the highest quality of toys to children. We believe that they are more than just a source of play. They have many more things to offer, and we make it our duty to ensure that every child gets to enjoy them to the optimum.
 Vision To have a selection of toys that every kid would willingly hold in their hands; ignite their curiosity to learn; challenge their skills, both mentally and physically; let their imaginative minds run loose; and offer fun like no other toys could.È
 Mission To carefully select the best quality eco-friendly toys that encourage imagination and interaction which help in developing the skills of the future brains and entertain kids through safe, durable and timeless toys.
 Goals To offer wooden and green toys that everyone would want for their kids without having to worry about their safety; fill spaces with things that can help kids immerse themselves in action, storytelling, and adventure; and provide a lasting and joyful memory that they will forever treasure.