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Can I pre-order items?

There are items that you can pre-order. You will know these items because they will be marked as “pre-order”.


How will I know if the toy is available?

In the overview of each toy, you will find the availability and stock status.


Can I change the order I made?

Yes, you can, but only before the delivery is processed. Ideally, that would be 6 hours before delivery.


Can I cancel an order online?

It is unfortunately not possible for you to cancel an order online. If you want to cancel or change your order, you need to contact our customer support.


Can I ask for a product to gift wrapped before delivery?

If you want to gift wrap your product, then you can do it by clicking the option at the Checkout.


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Can I pay after delivery?

Yes, Cash on delivery is the only applicable method of payment within the United Arab Emirates.


Do you accept credit cards?

As of now, No we don't. 


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How much is your delivery charge?

Delivery Charge is 20 AED for orders value that are below 395 AED, otherwise it is a free delivery.


Can I change my delivery address?

Again, you can do so 6 hours before delivery. However, if you’ve given your mobile number, you can get updates on the dispatch and have the option to change the delivery address.


Do you charge for every item?

All orders, regardless of how many items, will only be given one delivery charge. That is with the exemption of pre-orders. Pre-orders are charge per item.


Do you deliver to other countries?

As of now, we do not cater to countries outside of the United Arab Emirates.


How long does it usually take to deliver a product?

Delivery usually lasts 2-3 days only. Sometimes, if it’s within the region, it’ll only take about 24 hours. This is excluding weekends and the public Holidays.


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Can I return the products to the store?

If you received a faulty or incorrect product, then you can send it back to the store and we will give you a refund. To know more details, please read our Policy.


How do I return the products I bought online?

You can arrange for a pick-up of a faulty item by calling our customer support OR send an email.


How long can I get my refund?

Refunds will be processed within 30 days after the return of the faulty product.


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